Research for REGI Committee - Integrated use of ESI funds to address social challenges


The study aims to analyse the implementation of integrated approaches under the ESI Funds in addressing challenges related to social inclusion, including integration of migrants and refugees. Programme logic of intervention, combinations of thematic objectives, synergies with other EC policy instruments and the use of integrated tools are analysed for a set of programmes. Conclusions and recommendations are provided for the 2014-2020 and the next programming period

MIPEX in use

The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) measures the performance of national policies to integrate migrants into their respective societies57. The Index analyses integration outcomes in eight key policy areas: labour market mobility, education, political participation, access to nationality, family reunion, health, permanent residence and antidiscrimination. Despite the fact that there are differences between countries in different policy areas, overall high-performing EU Member States are Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain, while national policies in Malta, Slovakia, Lithuania, Cyprus and Latvia show less support for migrant inclusion into society (see Figure 9).