Research for Cult Committee - Migrant Education: Monitoring and Assessment- Study


This is a first attempt to explore the monitoring and assessment of migrant education (MAME) in EU countries. A review of literature indicated the main dimensions of MAME, and these have shaped a questionnaire completed by national experts of 27 EU countries. The country reports reveal that little has been done to monitor and assess migrant education, but that most countries already have an enabling infrastructure.

MIPEX in use

One relevant factor that varies greatly between EU countries is their immigration profile. We find immigration countries, which have a positive immigration rate and higher percentages of residents born abroad. In turn, these can be divided into old (such as France and the Netherlands) and new immigration countries (such as Italy and Spain), which started receiving immigration in recent decades at a rapid pace. The relative importance of immigration in a given country has a clear influence on governmental decisions on integration policy implementation, and more specifically, on immigrant children. Figure 4 shows the tendency towards increasing efforts on monitoring and assessment paired with higher levels of immigration in the country sample, while Figure 5 links the latter to the MIPEX15 score on education...